Stand Out From The Crowd

Visibility & Transparency
Being aware of recruiter interest enables swift follow-ups, crucial in driving recruitment forward. Transparency fosters communication, ensuring every opportunity seized while aiding coaches in supporting the student-athlete’s journey.
Expanded Recruiting Exposure
Use passive and active methods of showcasing performance portfolio to recruiters. Passive exposure ensures easy access to your profile, while active methods involve reaching out proactively.
Simplified Data Entry
We streamlined the process of providing essential student-athlete data to recruiters. With only one questionnaire, the data entry process is simplified and centralized making it efficient and hassle-free for both student-athletes and recruiters.

Effortless Profile Sharing

Student-athletes can easily share their profile with recruiters with updated achievements, new stats, or to just simply be seen. An up-to-date student-athlete profile ensures that recruiters always have access to the latest information which can unlock more opportunities in every moment.

"Saves us 6 hours every weekend during the season, and lets us get to problem solving faster"
Jordan Gesch
High School Coach
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