Playmaker is the next evolution in collegiate recruiting. We connect coaches, recruiters, and athletes together, improving recruiting transparency and access to opportunity.


We believe that hard work and results should speak for themselves and that all athletes should have access to the same opportunities. We believe data is the key to providing equal unbiased opportunities to student athletes seeking a college education. Playmaker collects, organizes, and analyzes data from across high school sports to provide unbiased insights and opportunities to athletes.

Our dual sided platform is designed to provide free tools to high schools and players to store and analyze thier in and out of game performance, while providing college programs an unbiased and comprehensive source of player information. We want to eliminate the financial burden placed on high schools and athletes that come with the current recruiting process, and improve access and opportunity for all athletes.

For College Recruiters

Playmaker provides not only the tools to evaluate players, but the most comprehensive set of player data available. We pull player performance data, physical measurables, and game film to one place, providing a single powerful tool for your entire recruiting process.

By partnering this data with our powerful search tools and analytics means recruiters can see through the hype and can evaluate talent at a deeper level. This also means finding those hidden gems, and the hidden talent regardless of location and resource limitations.

For High School Coaches

Playmaker brings together all the tools a coach needs to run their team for an unbeatable price. Our purpose-built tools allow your roster, depth charts, game performance statistics, and physical measurables to be brought all together in an easy to use platform.

We then partner your internal tools with prospect list tools that help you organize your student athletes, update recruiting information, and help them find their place at the next level.



We are happy to show what we are working on and are excited to forge new partnerships.

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News and Insights

Big News!

March 08, 2021

Playmaker is launching an equity crowdfunding round through Wefunder!


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